Chef At Work’s goal is to ensure our clients succeed in the competitive F&B market.

Each F&B Turnkey solution is fully customised to meet the needs of your restaurant or cafe setup, and delivers a fully operating F&B business on opening day.

Our team of chefs and specialists provides expertise and work with you through areas of opportunities and challenges, navigating with you from start to end.


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1. Concept Development

Concept Development
In the F&B sector, distinguishing a brand from the competition is a crucial success factor. Great food and beverage concepts are fresh, attractive, easy to scale and consistent. From the foundations, Chef At Work guide business owners in making the right decisions that build a strong brand with consistency and longevity.

Our industry expertise and experience enable us to help food businesses develop a unique brand identity that appeals to their target audience, accurately themed towards the overall concept and location.

2. Brand Creation

Brand Creation
When it comes to creating a brand from scratch, we combine strategy with a keen eye for aesthetics to ensure the eventual result is well-crafted and aligned with the overall concept.

Chef At Work has a team of graphic designers and writers to develop a full suite of marketing collaterals. This is inclusive of layouts, logo design, menus, brochures, media kits, advertising materials and beyond.

Besides designing, our team also supports new and existing establishments with marketing and branding through market research, business analysis, and brand positioning.

3. Design, Build & Installation

Design, Build & Installation
As the construction arm of Chef At Work, Ace Design Workshop Pte Ltd provides expertise in space planning, 2D/3D drawing, and construction for F&B setups. We have our in-house team of M&E Engineers, Architects, and Qualified Persons (QP).

Our portfolio consists of a range of successful setups, from cafes to restaurants, food courts, central kitchens, and manufacturing facilities.

For the front-of-house, Ace Design Workshop blends beautiful design with a smooth operational flow. Our focus lies in maximum space efficiency, smart construction, creative and aesthetic interior architecture, and assembling of furniture & fixtures without overcrowding.

When it comes to the back-of-house, Ace Design Workshop optimises daily operations by drawing up efficient kitchen layouts with appropriate space zoning before undertaking construction. Our strong F&B track record guides us to streamline the placement of kitchen equipment, storage space and overall workflow.

4. Menu Reengineering

Menu Reengineering
Food presentation, delicious taste and the right portions are vital to attracting diners. Chef At Work supports clients in fine-tuning dishes, from the ingredients, proportion, seasoning, preparation methodology, to portion sizing, garnishing and presentation.

Besides polishing up client’s dishes, Chef At Work helps clients develop or revamp menus by carefully selecting and combining different dishes. This is a rigorous process involving menu engineering, calculating recipe costing, and food tasting sessions to deliver the best menu lineup.

5. Hygiene Systems

Hygiene Systems
Food Safety is essential in a food establishment’s operational procedures.

Operational procedures include proper handwashing, systematic usage of chopping boards in food preparation, usage of anti-bacterial chemicals, meticulous temperature control and proper storage.

Chef At Work helps clients in the drafting and preparation of SOP for maintaining kitchen and restaurant cleanliness and hygiene standards. The team at Chef At Work is ever ready to share their knowledge in these areas to ensure the hygiene system of client’s establishment is tip-top.

6. Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation
Having the right technology system is vital in today’s tech-savvy economy. We believe technology systems should be fast, safe, and accurate.

Chef At Work provides independent advice on e-commerce and technology infrastructure related to restaurant operations.

This includes technical expertise in the installation of Point Of Sale (POS) systems, kitchen security systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that integrate the entire setup, unlocking economy of scale and achieving productivity while monitoring costs.

7. Staffing & Training

Staffing & Training
Chef At Work assists clients in the selection and recruitment of kitchen cooks or chefs with relevant professional backgrounds and experience.

Upon recruitment, Chef At Work also provides training on food preparation of the dishes in the developed menu. Every style of cuisine differs from another vastly and requires different Standard Operating Procedures.

The structured training program provided for client and the chef-in-charge includes recipes of the dishes, method of works, mise en place and costing sheet to determine the selling price.

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Copyright by Chef At Work Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Chef At Work Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.