5 Great Restaurant Concepts (Local Edition)

In this post, we will be sharing about some restaurant concepts in the local scene. You might be surprised to find out about that within the perimeters of our little island, there are gems are waiting to be unearthed. Again, we will see at firsthand how crucial the concept is in generating the buzz.

We have short listed 5 local restaurant concepts that are proving to be well thought, exceptional and creative. Most of them carry an international flavour with a local twist.


Open Farm Community

In an upbeat city where we are perpetually racing against time, being able to sit back and enjoy nature at its best is a luxury. Open Farm Community (OFC) is tucked away in an idyllic corner of Dempsey Hill, making it one of the most ideal locations for you to enjoy a fulfilling meal that is a tad less sinful.

Started and helmed by head chef, Ryan Clift, OFC introduced an interesting restaurant concept of eating homegrown greens. Much of the produce that goes in the creating your food comes from their very own back yard. The rest of the ingredients are sourced from both local and regional farms (within 400km of Singapore) to guarantee its freshness.

Being the first-of-its-kind dining concept in Singapore, OFC is more than just about food as it aims to be an interactive community farm, do keep a look out for pop up garden shops and training classes!

130E Minden Rd,
Singapore 248819
Website: http://www.openfarmcommunity.com/


LÉclair by Sarah Michelle

L’ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle is the first éclair specialty store and café in Singapore. Two good friends, Sarah and Michelle, founded it in 2014. Their love for éclairs drove them to Paris to pick up baking skills and after 9 months in the City of Lights, they brought a little piece of Paris to Singapore, by turning a classic French pastry into a modern art piece with enhanced flavours.

Their entry in the local scene has brought the pastry game in Singapore to a whole new level. From a humble start of popping up on an ad-hoc basis, they had settled comfortably into a beautifully designed cafe. Their vision of bringing a sweet slice of Paris to our little island has definitely materialised and grown.

Singapore Shopping Centre #01-28,
190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore 239924
Website: http://www.leclair.com.sg/



“We want our restaurants to be places where people go because that’s where they feel good. We see ourselves as being in the business of creating memories.” – Javier, Founder of Kilo

Kilo truly holds fast to their belief and vision. The delivery of a soulful experience is consistent across their outlets at Kallang, Orchard and Kilo lounge, where you can comfortably share a table with friends and families to savour hearty good food selected from their diverse menu.

One of Kilo’s unique propositions is its success in tastefully integrating space with food, providing the customers with a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond just a meal. For instance, at Kilo Orchard, they made a dream come alive through the creation of a one-stop station where the experiences of shopping, pampering and feasting is expertly integrated. The space is beautifully curated with a minimalist Zen layout with a strong hint of a Japanese style being applied into the space décor and food.

A concept that holds true to the heart of the founder. Start creating memories of an authentic experience by visiting Kilo!

Kilo Kallang/Lounge
66 Kampong Bugis, Singapore 338987

Kilo Orchard
181 Orchard Road, #02-16/18,
Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Website: http://kilokitchen.com/



What poses a great challenge to chefs? How about having to design a new menu everyday? It is not just about keeping up, but being creative and maintaining high standards of quality in food in every dish being whipped up. This definitely keeps the chefs on their toes.

At Lolla, that is exactly what they have to deliver day in and day out, using the finest ingredients. A new menu is printed daily where the choices being offered to you depends on what the chefs get for the day.

The team led by Head Chef Isaac Lee (who used work at Michelin starred restaurants such as Kaixo, Guy Savoy and Restaurant Martin Berasategui of Spain). They are doing extremely well in maintaining the high consumer expectations yet at the same time giving the chefs a great degree of freedom to play around with flavours and textures to find the fullest expression of each ingredient, making each dish a delightful one.

Be sure to check out their wood-fired oven that burns apple-wood all day long to fuel the ‘food transformation’ in the restaurant. Watch how food goes in and become transformed into a sumptuously dish being served on your table!

No. 22 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069702
Website: http://www.lolla.com.sg/


Mookata (Yishun, ORTO)

Sawadee Ka! With increasing number of Singaporeans visiting Thailand as a weekend getaway, it is of little wonder that Mookata, a Thai barbecue steamboat that has been firing up in Singapore during the recent years.

Chef At Work is delighted and grateful for the opportunity to partner them in the creation of an awesome outdoor Mookata dining experience at Yishun Bottle Tree Park (now known as Orto after a multi-million dollar makeover).

Mookata Orto is decked in an open restaurant concept where you can enjoy the presence nice greens surrounding you. Rest assured that your comfort is not being compromised, as you are able to enjoy a hot sizzling barbecue meal in an air-conditioned setting.

81 Lorong Chencharu #01-04
Singapore 769198
Website: http://mookata.com/en/mookata-menu.php

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